NCT’s Doyoung Was Shook When A Fan Wore A Wedding Dress To Their Fansign

His jaw dropped to the floor.

NCT 127 stopped in Thailand for their world tour Neo City – The Origin, and it seems like Taeyong wasn’t the only person who did something unusual.

A fan showed up to NCT 127’s fansign wearing a two-piece, all-white outfit in the style of a wedding dress and completed the look with a veil.

nct 127 fansign wedding dress thailand

When Doyoung saw the fan, he couldn’t hide how surprised he was. His mouth hung open so wide he could catch flies.

nct doyoung

His mouth had eventually closed, but his eyes remained as wide open as before, making the look on his face very concerned.

nct doyoung 2

It seemed like he tried to continue on with the fansign as normal, but the shock just wouldn’t wear off.

nct doyoung

By the end, it looked like he couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. With all of the ways his face changed, he’s definitely the new king of facial expressions.

nct doyoung

The fan certainly made a memory with Doyoung they’ll never forget and no one else will either based on the hilarious photos.

nct doyoung

. . .