NCT’s Taeyong Had An Unusual Request That Thai Fans Were More Than Happy To Follow

It seems like Ten might’ve had a hand in it.

NCT 127 recently stopped in Bangkok, Thailand for their world tour Neo City – The Origin.

When idols are touring, they typically learn phrases in the language of the country they’re touring in to communicate better with fans.

So, Taeyong learned a Thai phrase that was a special request for fans.

He got the audience’s attention by saying, “Everyone,” in Korean. Then, he followed it with, “Don’t cheat on me,” in Thai.

Afterward, he cutely pouted with crossed arms to make sure they knew he was serious and that he’d be hurt if they did. And, the fans loved it by the sound of their screams.

With a cute line like that, he most likely learned it from fellow member Ten, whose hometown is Bangkok and who loves to say things like that. Either way, it’s definitely something Taeyong would say.