NCT 127’s Haechan Gifts Fans With Glimpse Of His Customized Bag From Taeyong

Taeyong puts his heart into everything he creates for the members.

When NCT 127‘s Taeyong picks a gift for one of his members, he doesn’t simply buy something and hand it over to them. He takes a much more personalized and creative approach.

Because they’re special people to him, he takes the extra care and time to customize them, like the sneakers he customized for Doyoung.

Fans found out that Taeyong did something similar for Haechan. He’d taken a bag and covered it entirely with his art. Although they hadn’t seen the bag at the time, some photos of it have recently appeared.

As Haechan was going for a walk, dressed comfortably in a leather jacket and hat, he finally gave NCTzens a look at the work Taeyong had done on the item.

With a black handle and middle panel, the bag was white on the sides. On the right side of it, there was a part of a drawing of Charlie Brown. On the opposite side, there were orange flames with the word “Burn” scrawled across it.

In the center, there were three parts. The top section read “THE KITE”; the middle orange and purple letters merged together; the bottom said “I WANNA LICK RICK” above a serpent.

Since the last made everyone wonder who Rick was and why someone wanted to lick him, NCTzens were quick to find out what it could’ve meant. They figured it had been referring to the fact that Taeyong liked the show Rick And Morty and the character Pickle Rick.

With only a view from one side of the bag, there’s bound to be even more on the other three sides. Even so, that one showed just how much time Taeyong spent painting the drawings and getting the lettering just right, switching between the different colors—all by hand.

If that isn’t love and care, nothing is. What do you think of the cool bag he customized for their lovable maknae Haechan?