NCT Jaehyun’s Advice On Valuing Fewer Friends Than Many Is Too True

His wise words on friendship to one NCTzen had many fans feeling the same way.

If anyone knows about being popular, it’s NCT 127‘s Jaehyun. There are many accounts from idols and non-idols who wanted to be friends with him in high school.

Having that amount of popularity from not only his visuals but how well he treated others, Jaehyun had the wisest response for a fan in need of friends.

To celebrate his birthday back in February, Jaehyun held a live broadcast. Tapping into his NCT Night Night MC role, he read a fan’s concern about transferring to a new school where they didn’t know anyone. “‘Tell me how I can make new friends,’ said someone asking for advice.

Like most people would be, Jaehyun confessed that he wasn’t confident in making new friends either. He reassured the fan that mutual interests would bring them together.

I don’t feel comfortable when I’m in a situation where I should actually try to do something to make new friends. Be natural… Just do what you like to do with someone you want to become friends with.

— Jaehyun

He also noted that it wasn’t necessary to focus on gaining a lot of friends, “And you don’t have to have that many friends. Of course, it’s good to have many friends…” It was more important to have less.

Jaehyun emphasized how critical it was to have a few friends to connect with on a deeper level, “…but having just a few friends whom you really can share your thoughts with is enough. Don’t worry too much.

The wise words hit home with thousands of fans who had similar experiences in the friendship department. As long as you have at least one person to share your feelings with, like the bond between the NCT 127 members, that’s all you need.

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Watch Jaehyun take time away from his celebration to offer a fan advice that everyone could relate to, beginning from 25:13.