NCT 127 Johnny Reveals Hilarious Reason “Cherry Bomb” Outfits Are Most Memorable

Those outfits hold a special place in Johnny’s heart from the humor they cause.

In four years, NCT 127‘s style has shifted between the experimental yet genius “Fire Truck”, the colorful and put-together “TOUCH”, to “Punch” that’s somewhere in between the two.

Out of all the styles they’ve tackled and the stage outfits they’ve worn, Johnny shared why the “Cherry Bomb” ones made him chuckle whenever he thought about them.

| johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Since Japanese magazine MEN’S NON-NO began a column where they interview each NCT 127 member individually, the third member was Johnny. While they covered many topics, one of the rapid-fire questions asked about their styling. “Of the stage outfits you have worn, which is the most memorable?

Johnny didn’t need much time to flip through all of their concepts, “That would be the ‘Cherry Bomb’ outfit.

Although the stage outfits for that era had a wild style, that wasn’t what made them unforgettable to Johnny. Before bursting into laughter, he revealed they would rarely stay in one piece by the end of a performance, “It often got torn.

If you’re familiar with the choreography for “Cherry Bomb”, you already know why that wouldn’t have been an unexpected problem for him. Because they nearly did a split toward the end of the dance, it’s easy to see how the move could rip a few pairs of pants.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Now the question is how many pairs of pants did NCT 127 rip during those promotions? Just imagining the amount is sure to make NCTzens laugh as much as Johnny did.

| johnnyjsuh/Instagram


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