NCT 127’s Johnny Impresses With His Amazing Strength

Johnny flexes his strength without even trying.

From his toned abs to nailing the tough hobby of pole dancing, NCT 127‘s Johnny proved he’s as strong as they come. He reminded everyone of his strength in a clip that showed he’s just as talented in lifting.

Johnny | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

On 37.5MHz Haechan Radio, Johnny and Haechan were super excited to see each other, with Johnny running to give the youngest member a hug.

When Doyoung joined the party, Johnny decided to have some fun by testing out his strength.

With his arms around Haechan and Doyoung, Johnny lifted both of them off the ground like they weighed nothing.

Seeing the adorable Johnny being so strong that he could lift not just one member but two left many amazed by his strength.

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

See Johnny unknowingly flex just how strong he is here.