NCT 127 Jokingly Refuses To Understand Why Mark Showers For 2 Hours

“Your body will be like Udon.”

Each member of NCT 127 created their own schedules by planning their entire day of 24 hours from sunrise to sunset. The length of one of Mark‘s activities had the rest of his members giving him the side-eye.


He said that he showers for 2 hours, from 9 pm to 11 pm. Before Mark could even finish saying it, laughter had already started.

Everyone was amused by Mark’s habit, especially Haechan. He even joked that Mark’s body would become like Udon noodles after showering for that long.

When Mark tried to explain that it was the last thing he did at the end of the day and how it signalled bedtime, that made them laugh harder than before.

Unlike Yuta, Mark ended up having a reasonable explanation for why he’d planned a shower for 2 hours. He wasn’t sure when he’d be able to do it and wrote a general timeframe of when he could.

NCT 127 love joking around, especially when something can be interpreted in a funnier way. Listen to Mark reasonably explain his not-so-long shower.