NCT 127’s Jungwoo Cried While On The Phone With His Mom And Now We Can’t Stop Crying Either

He got caught off guard by his mom’s words and got emotional.

To celebrate Parent’s Day, NCT 127‘s Yuta, Johnny, and Jungwoo each made a gift for their parents to show their love and thanks.

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Jungwoo made a strawberry cake, complete with green frosting, sprinkles, and carnations.

| NCT/YouTube

He also wrote a sweet letter to go with it.

And to wrap it all up, Jungwoo gave his mom a call to tell her he made a cake. It’s apparent how sweet their relationship is from their adorable banter.

He told her that he wished they could go on a family trip soon, and that they should take more family pictures. His mom laughed and teased him about how she used to always say that, but now it’s him who’s saying it.

Jungwoo then got emotional and started crying when his mom said she was “proud of [him] for thinking about it.”

The two then had a touching mother-son moment, as Jungwoo’s mom asked him to not cry and assured him that she’s happy simply because he exists.

Jungwoo later showed that he delivered the cake to his mom, and we’re so happy that he got to see her!

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