NCT Mark’s Plans For His 30s Leave NCTzens Looking Forward To The Future

“I do want to try a lot of different things…”

During his NCT 127 24 Hour Relay Cam series on YouTube, NCT‘s Mark opened up to his teammate Yuta about what he expects of his future, as a 21-year-old young man. His hopes and goals now have NCTzens looking forward to Mark’s fabulous 20s, 30s, and more.


While dining at a restaurant, Mark and Yuta began talking about time travel after Mark asked Yuta about a book he was reading. Mark pointed out that if he was given the option to time travel, he would actually travel to the future and not the past.

If something like that really did exist, I don’t think I’d travel to the past. I would travel to the future. I would like to see what becomes of me. The past is already the past, you know?

— Mark


Then Mark discussed his personal goals for this future that he would like to see. Mark commented that he would like to be performing nonetheless, but perhaps in a different style.

To be honest, I really want to remain a singer for a long time. Right now, because I’m in my 20s, there are things I can do better — like dancing. You know, my body is healthy enough right now so I should make the most of that. But in the future, like when I’m in my 30s, I want to perform in other ways. Perhaps I’ll take up on guitar…

— Mark


Mark showed ambition as he shared that he looks forward to tackling different styles of performing as he ages. This, in a sense, became a promise to NCTzens that Mark will find ways to evolve and remain an outstanding performer for his fans.

I do want to try a lot of different things… Things that I can do and show for a long time.

— Mark


With that said, NCTzens can’t wait to be there for the whole adventure: Mark in his mid-20s, Mark in his late-20s, Mark in his-30s, and so on. And while no one can be certain of what will be in the future, NCTzens know one thing for sure — they’re going to support Mark throughout his transformations!


Watch the full clip here: