NCT 127’s Mark Solves The Mystery Of Doyoung’s Cake Face

“We didn’t even scheme for that.”

With the well-wishes from NCTzens and his members, NCT 127‘s Mark recently celebrated his birthday. He even shared a few photos of his celebration that had fans just a little confused about what had happened, sparking a mystery.

Even though it had been Mark’s birthday, Doyoung had been the member who ended up with all of the cake on his face. It hadn’t been just a little bit.

| NCT127/LysnBubble

From the massive indent on the cake, it appeared that Doyoung’s entire face had been smashed into it. Since fans weren’t sure if they had done it on purpose, or by accident like Jaemin‘s funny mishap on Jeno‘s cake, Mark finally solved the mystery through his latest live broadcast.

| NCT127/LysnBubble

After receiving his first-ever Melona birthday cake, Mark was eating it with his members when a thought occurred to them: Who would have the honor of getting cake in their face?

Yesterday for my birthday, Doyoung bought a Melona cake for me. It was the first time I had a Melona cake. We were all eating it and someone suggested, ‘We should play rock paper scissors to decide who’d going to get their face smashed.’

Mark revealed that they’d only been playing around until the idea stuck, “So, we were joking around at first, but it became serious. We were like, ‘Really? For real?’

They decided to go through with it, “So, we ended up playing rock paper scissors. If you saw the pictures, you already know this, but Doyoung lost.” There was one thing that fans didn’t know that made the moment far more amusing.

The cake hadn’t been a typical birthday cake, “Doyoung lost, but the cake was an ice cream cake. So, parts of the inside were cold and frozen. But after Doyoung had his face smashed and we all took pictures and laughed, it was too good to stop after playing it once.

Because they were having too much fun, they decided to play another round and see someone else’s face get smashed into the cake. Little did Doyoung know, they were all setting him up to suffer again. Though he did catch onto the plan, luck was not on his side.

I was really nervous, but we thought it would be really funny if Doyoung lost again. While he was washing his face, we all agreed to go with paper… Doyoung caught on to our scheme and said, ‘I’m not going to play!’ So, we said, ‘Let’s play one more game for real.’ We played rock paper scissors again for real. But, Doyoung lost again… So, Doyoung got his face smashed again.

It’s safe to say that Doyoung should stay far away from cakes from now on and level up his game skills. Listen to Mark laugh about the unexpected birthday treat Doyoung’s cake face “blessed” him with, beginning at 3:55.