NCT 127 Are Nature Republic’s New Brand Ambassadors, And They’d Hinted It All Along

It may be in the running for worst-kept secret. Even Jungwoo couldn’t take it. 😂

For Nature Republic‘s newest brand ambassadors, the beauty company decided to go with an idol group who has a one-of-a-kind style and the ultimate versatility: no one other than SM Entertainment‘s NCT 127.

Although the group featured in a recently-released video to announce the news and how excited they were to represent the global brand, it didn’t come as a surprise to fans. They’d already picked up all the hints the members had been dropping.

In one of NCT 127’s live broadcasts where Doyoung became Jungwoo‘s hairstylist, the product placement was too hilarious to miss.

Before Doyoung could get started, he required Jungwoo to use the hand sanitizer he provided. Jungwoo couldn’t hold back his laughter.

It became funnier after Doyoung squeezed some into Jungwoo’s hands. Making sure everyone could see what brand it was, Doyoung held the bottle in front of the camera and kept it there with a funny expression on his face, like a freezeframe. That made Jungwoo laugh even more.

During a behind-the-scenes clip from SuperM filming their music video, Taeyong‘s product placement was far less noticeable. To keep his skin protected from hours in the sun, he was slathering on some sunscreen—Nature Republic sunscreen.

In some of the group’s other recent live broadcasts, NCTzens spotted Nature Republic’s signature hand sanitizer everywhere, from Johnny and Mark‘s faux camping…

to Johnny, Taeyong, and Yuta‘s exercise session. They even had every single scent prepared. All the hints couldn’t be missed and has fans laughing at how it wasn’t really a secret at all.

Congratulations to NCT 127 on their new status as Nature Republic’s latest brand ambassadors.