NCT 127’s Newest Merch Draws Mixed Reactions From Fans — Some Accusing SM Entertainment Of Being “Biased” Against The Group

“Fire all the design team.”

One of the best parts of being a fan of K-Pop groups is collecting the various merchandise released by entertainment companies. From lightsticks…

BLACKPINK’s lightstick | Weverse

…to physical albums…

…and official merchandise, there are many ways fans can spend money on their faves and get something cute in return.

BT21 items | BT21

Fans of NCT 127, unfortunately, are having mixed reactions to the merchandise released by SM Entertainment for the group’s upcoming repackage, Ay-Yo. The long-awaited repackage is set to be released on January 30 but has already received criticism from fans due to “lackluster” teaser photos.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

SM Entertainment’s Global Shop recently announced the release of exclusive Ay-Yo merchandise consisting of two items: a black hoodie and a water bottle with the official Ay-Yo logo that comes with an official random photocard.

Fans immediately began criticizing the designs, calling them “simple” and “basic,” with one of the biggest complaints being that part of the logo on the hoodie is black as well, making it hard to see.  NCTzen also compared past merch releases to this latest batch, wondering what happened between now and then.

Another point made by fans is that NCT 127’s merch lacks the diversity and creativity given to other groups’ merch collections and used aespa, NCT DREAM, and Red Velvet as examples.

aespa’s merch on SM Global Shop | SM Global Shop
NCT DREAM’s merch on SM Global Shop | SM Global Shop
Red Velvet’s merch on SM Global Shop | SM Global Shop

Ultimately, fans seem to want SM to “do better” with NCT 127’s official merchandise.

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