NCT 127 Panicked When Someone Said Their Favorite Song Was “Whiplash”

Taeyong malfunctioned.

NCT 127 featured in YouTuber JRE‘s recent video where he taught them some local dance moves. At the end though, Mark had a special question for him.


Mark asked what song of NCT’s was his favorite. JRE didn’t need much time to think of an answer. He named “Whiplash”, and NCT couldn’t hold back their reactions.

Jaehyun and Mark were so surprised that they couldn’t control their facial expressions, and their mouths curled into the shape of an “O.” The rest of NCT 127 was just as surprised and simply said, “Whoa,” in unison.

The most shocked of all was Taeyong. He couldn’t believe what he’d heard and had to repeat the title “Whiplash” out loud.

Then, he ended with, “Oh my gosh,” because there was nothing else for him to say. Considering the lyrics of “Whiplash” and the questionable explanation behind it, it’s not surprising Tayeong panicked.

He, Mark, and Jaehyun were the ones who participated in the song. So they know it’s true NSFW meaning, and that’s why they were the most shocked.

Watch NCT 127 become taken aback by JRE’s answer here.