NCT 127 Was Spotted Leaving BuzzFeed And NCTzens Are Hoping For A Puppy Video

It’ll be cuties playing with cuties.

NCT 127 is currently promoting in the United States and they were just spotted leaving BuzzFeed‘s office.

Fans had been wishing for BuzzFeed to release a video of NCT 127 answering questions while playing with puppies, so the sighting was one they welcomed wholeheartedly.

It was something NCTzens wanted so badly that they joked about suing BuzzFeed if their wish didn’t come true. If that wasn’t possible, they were satisfied with simply trashing their office.

And, it doesn’t seem like they’d trash the office as gracefully as Jaehyun.

It’s clear that NCT 127 will be featuring in a special video by BuzzFeed. In the meantime, there’s always this video of NCT 127 hilariously sharing words of wisdom during Would You Rather.


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