NCT 127’s Taeyong Isn’t Afraid To Go The Extra Mile For His Members

Here’s how far he goes to snap those precious photos of them.

Whenever something involves his fellow NCT 127 members, leader Taeyong never shies away from doing whatever he can to help them. He’s even quick to show his appreciation, like the personally-designed bag he gifted to Haechan.

Given a chance to show off his photography skills and place his members in the best light, he’s just as willing to make that come true for them.

Seeing a massive design with “Trade Mark” written on it, Mark didn’t miss the coincidence of his name appearing. Not wanting to pass up the chance to snap a photo with it, there was one member he knew would take the perfect shot.

Completely disregarding that the floor was dirty from all the people that had walked on it, Taeyong laid right on it in his white shirt. Angling the phone, Taeyong snapped away. He also did the same for Johnny.

When he saw a beautifully designed glass building in the distance, Johnny knew it was the perfect backdrop for a photo. Standing in front of a row of green hedges, he posed for their best photographer.

Once again, Taeyong laid down on his side. Rather than the comfort of an indoor floor, he didn’t care about dirtying himself or his clothes by resting on the actual ground—in the street. With his shoe falling off his foot, he did his best.

While Taeyong went as far as dirtying himself for the other photos, the last was done a little bit differently.

For a photo of Doyoung resting against the stone with beautiful scenery surrounding him, Taeyong didn’t lay on the ground or floor.

To snap that single perfect photo, Taeyong didn’t hold just one camera and focus it on Doyoung. He held one in each hand, keeping them steady and directed on Doyoung.

If going that far doesn’t prove how much Taeyong cares about his members, nothing could. Who wouldn’t want such a sweet friend as him?

Source: Twitter