Here Are NCT 127’s Two Most Underrated Title Tracks

Many NCTzens can see what masterpieces they truly are.

At the mention of NCT 127, there are songs that immediately come to a K-Pop fan’s mind. Among them are the ones that have the group’s signature sound, such as the hits “Kick It” and “Cherry Bomb”.

While all of their title tracks have yet to miss the mark, there are a few that deserve a bit more love than they originally received. In particular, there are two that many fans believe to be super underrated.

The first track that’s one of NCT 127’s best is their Japanese single “Chain”. From how smooth they made the complicated and fast-paced choreography seem…

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to the styling that made the entire group look like visuals, they had every area perfected. When it comes to the song itself, it garnered mixed reactions for many thinking there was too much happening in the song. Yet, that’s its strength.

Although it may be a lot to take in on the first listen, “Chain” is the perfect example of NCT 127’s sound. It manages to fuse so many different sounds into one while also showcasing the group’s killer raps and powerful vocals.

Between this and “Kick It”, they may be the songs that best showcase the NCT 127 sound. The same goes for the second most underrated track.

A year following “Chain”, NCT 127 released the title track for their first full-length Japanese album Awaken: “Wakey-Wakey”. Like the former, this track garnered mixed reactions among fans for not being one of their best title tracks compared to the others. It’s more than meets the eye.

While it could seem like there’s too much happening in the song, it successfully merges the different sounds used for the chorus and verses into one to make it feel complete and consistent.

Between Haechan and Taeil‘s high notes and Jaehyun, Taeyong, and Mark‘s raps, it highlights their best skills.

Although the choreography isn’t as flashy as “Chain”, it doesn’t lose in its creativity. The track also gifted everyone with a long-haired Johnny. It was definitely iconic. Do with that what you will.

Regarding the group’s Japanese title tracks, they never fail to deliver their signature sound and take it up to the max. Because “Wakey-Wakey” and “Chain” don’t get the recognition they deserve for being some of their best songs, no wonder many NCTzens go hard for showing their love for the two tracks.