NCT 127 Wants NCTzens To Live By This One Quote To Get The Most Out Of Life

They only want fans to be happy.

NCT 127 were asked if there were any words of advice they would like their fans to live by. So, a famous quote immediately popped into Haechan‘s mind.

As soon as he began with, “If you can’t avoid it,” the rest of the members finished it with, “Then enjoy it.” Everyone was impressed at the choice, and Jaehyun even chimed in with, “Just do it.”

Haechan explained that it’s best to enjoy the moment right now rather than dwelling on negativity. Then, he ended it on a cheer to get fans hyped: “Let’s get it!”

In life, there’s many things that can’t be avoided no matter how hard you try. So, NCT 127 wants fans to turn them into positive experiences.

Watch them cheer on fans to live their best lives here.