NCT 127’s Yuta Once Exposed How Much Mark Loves Justin Bieber

Mark is a big fan of Justin Bieber!

During his last live broadcast, NCT 127‘s Yuta once again exposed Mark‘s huge love and respect for Justin Bieber.


A fan asked Yuta if he liked Justin Bieber or not, to which he replied that he did because “Mark always listens to Justin Bieber.”

| @onyourm__ark/Instagram

Mark has previously expressed his admiration for Justin in an interview, and has also covered his song “Mistletoe” before with Haechan.

Mark (left) and Haechan (right) covering “Mistletoe” | 채널 NCT MUSIC/YouTube

Yuta said that he hopes Mark can one day meet him, as he clearly respects him very much.

Hopefully one day he can!

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