NCT 127’s Yuta Is Great At Everything He Does, But There’s One Unique Talent Of Taeil’s That He Still Wants To Steal

Can you guess what it is?

NCT 127‘s Yuta was born to be a celebrity!

NCT 127’s Yuta

Fans would be the first to agree that he’s the complete package: singing, dancing, and rapping, he receives praise in them all. He’s also trying his hand at acting and doing a great job at it so far!

Despite this, Yuta acknowledges that he can’t do everything. He talked about this in a recent interview with Elle Japan where he was asked, “What talent do you wish to have?”

He did not hesitate long when he replied, “Taeil’s ability to sing the moment he wakes up.”

Taeil is the group’s oldest member and a renowned main vocalist. It’s now also clear to fans that singing is so engrained into him, he can sound perfect the moment he wakes up—no hoarse voice like most of the world! Yuta himself found it rare and enviable.

I’m super jealous of him. I have no problem waking up, but I have to get up hours before I need to sing.

— Yuta

According to the Japanese member, Taeil does not need much time to get ready. It “makes [him] jealous” that he can take a longer nap before performances because he can go on stage as is, no warm ups needed.

I would do lip trills to warm up my throat. Taeil on the other hand wakes up five minutes before going on. He’ll go on stage and he can be like, ‘Ah!’

— Yuta

Whether one needs to do warm ups or not, all performances of NCT 127 end up praise-worthy!

Check out the full video below to learn more about Yuta.

Source: YouTube
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