NCT 127’s Countdown Photos Has Fans Laughing At Their Own Confusion

It took them a while, but they eventually got it.

NCT 127 has been posting photos on their official Japanese Twitter account that has fans laughing at their own confusion.

It all started with a photo of Johnny holding onto Taeil‘s legs as he held his arms out.

Fans had no idea what was happening in the photo.

So, the next one of Mark and Jungwoo really had them confused. The pose wasn’t something they would normally do. And, that’s when fans began to glimpse the bigger picture.

They were actually counting down the days until they’d make a special announcement. That’s when they noticed Taeyong and Doyoung had posed in the shape of the number three.

Meaning that Johnny and Taeil had been the number 5 while Mark and Jungwoo had been 4. There’s still two numbers left of the countdown, so prepare for more funny poses.