NCT 127’s Johnny Demonstrates How He Showers, Taking Fan Service To The Next Level

Is it getting hot in here?

NCT 127 recently shared behind the scenes footage of their NEO CITY: SEOUL THE LINK concert. Leave it to Johnny to steal the show.

NCT 127’s Johnny | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

While backstage, the group talked about different aspects of the concert. Taeyong asked Jungwoo about his solo stage.

Taeyong: Jungwoo!

Jungwoo: Yes?

Taeyong: You showed a new side of you, how was it?

Taeyong was referring to Jungwoo’s solo where he performed a sensual and energetic dance, a side of him that fans definitely want to see more of.

However, Jungwoo redirected the conversation toward Johnny.

Jungwoo: Someone else has shown an even more shocking performance than I did. Johnny?

Johnny responded in the most Johnny way possible, humorous and bold.

Johnny: I just wanted to show how I look while taking a shower to the fans…

Taeyong: Is that how you usually take a shower?

Johnny: Yes.

Doyoung: That will make you sweat all over again.

He was referring to his sexy solo stage that left an impact even on his fellow members. Later, Mark couldn’t help but bring up Johnny’s performance again.

Mark: I feel like his dance is a little too like…

Johnny: It’s just me, just having a shower. What do you do when you wash your hair? Don’t you wash it like this?

Demonstrating the move, Johnny reenacted the part of his dance where he pushes his hair back.

Due to safety restrictions, audience members were not allowed to cheer or shout during the show. Johnny’s performance was so sexy that fans had hard time staying quiet about it.

We can see why! And, it kind of does look like he’s showering… or at least washing his hair.

You can check out the full video here!

Source: YouTube