NCT’s Taeyong Revealed Which Members He Looks After Most

With so many members, he knows a few need more of his attention.

Because NCT 2020 currently has the most members they’ve ever had, it would be easy for some of them to fly under the radar. Being the kind and attentive person he is, Taeyong does his best not to let that happen.

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He revealed which members needed a bit more of his guidance than others.

When speaking with MTV about all twenty-three members coming together, Taeyong revealed that members of WayV and NCT Dream came to him for ways to improve on stage. “Some of the members—in particular Lucas, Xiaojun, or Jaemin—they would ask me a lot of questions just related to performance.

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Seeing how much they were curious about, Taeyong realized what he could do to be an even better leader to them. “When I got all of those questions, that made me step back and reflect.

Rather than merely answering their questions, Taeyong decided to focus a little more on each of them. He thought to himself, “‘Okay, I need to kind of look after these guys a little more.’

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Even though Taeyong is often captured doing caring things for his members, like helping Renjun after a nasty fall, he takes care of them more than meets the eye.

Source: MTV