NCT’s Taeyong Jumped Into Action When Renjun Took A Bruising Fall On Stage

There’s a reason why he’s known for his caring side.

Despite NCT having over twenty members and how much chaos that can cause, Taeyong proved he was the best leader for not missing a beat when Renjun took a rough tumble on stage.

During SM Entertainment‘s SMTOWN Live concert, all of the NCT members raced across the stage to make it to the main one.

While some members continued to run forward, Renjun’s head dropped out of sight. Not too long after, Taeyong had stopped running and turned around.

Between the slippery slope of the stage and his footwear, Renjun had taken a rough tumble down the stage. Fortunately, it didn’t go unnoticed.

Taeyong was right by his side, wrapping an arm around him as they made their way to the main stage once more.

The fact that Taeyong acted so quickly and treated Renjun so gently reminded everyone of how kind he is.

Since Taeyong is currently recovering from his own injury, it’s making fans miss his presence more as they wish him a safe recovery.