NCT’s Chenle Buys A Subscription To Exchange Bubble Messages With His Own Members And It’s Absolutely Chaotic

He’s such a chaotic baby.

NCT‘s Chenle has always been known for his playful personality. However, fans got a happy surprise when he sent some messages via Dear. U Bubble on Lysn. He sent a screenshot of his subscription to fellow member, Jisung‘s bubble messages.

| @sigo_blue/Twitter
  • “CHENLE!! I’m Jisung. Let’s keep in contact often in the future.”
  • “Yah”
  • “…? I just head some huge news.”
  • “Ah this is exciting, bubbling with Jisung oppa~~~~”
  • “No but keke I just heard that a weird but sometimes alright kid is on my bubble.”
  • “By any chance… is it me?? Are you talking about me??”
  • “Chenle…”


| @sigo_blue/Twitter

He later revealed that he also purchased Mark‘s Bubble subscription, but was unable to purchase all members as it would be too expensive, with 23 in total. Chenle also realized that due to the automated system, whatever nickname he chooses to set himself as, will be what Jisung will call him in the messages.

  • “Ah this is hilarious. If I set my nickname to ‘Dad‘, whenever Jisung sends messages, he’ll be calling me dad.”
  • “kkkkkkkk Jisung, send some bubbles!!!”
| @sigo_blue/Twitter

I guess, you can call him “Daddy” now! But not the inappropriate way, please! The man is still under 21!

| @s2musicstar/Twitter

Fans jokingly worried that Jisung would now never send mushy messages like “(nickname here), I love you!” due to Chenle’s ploy. What a chaotic kid! We’re living for this energy.