NCT’s Chenle Reveals Which Member Always Gets Left On “Read” In The Dreamies’ Group Chat

What goes on in the NCT DREAM group chat…

NCT‘s Chenle has been a DJ on Akdong Seoul since October 2020 after he took over from Renjun!

Chenle (left) and Renjun (right) in the studio for Akdong Seoul. | @tbsefm_yuedong/Instagram

DJ Le-D answers questions from fans, tells some sweet and funny stories, interviews guests, and recommends songs he likes during his show.

From left to right: Ten, Hendery, Chenle, Kun, YangYang, and Xiaojun.

Recently, Chenle received a story from a fan that feels hurt because their friends always ignore their messages.

Chenle then jokingly asked if Renjun was the one who sent it in!

Chenle then said that Renjun often sends funny videos and memes to the NCT DREAM members’ group chat, but nobody replies!

From left to right: Mark, Renjun, Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, and Chenle.

He even admitted that sometimes he ignores Renjun’s messages because he sends too many!

He pointed out that Jisung will be the one who kindly sends an “LOL” as a reply.

Fans found this information to be hilarious, and one even said, “Renjun, don’t worry, there’s Bubble! Everyone will reply there LOL!”