Brothers NCT’s Doyoung And Actor Gong Myung Reveals What Makes Them Jealous Of Each Other

They are too many things to be jealous about!

Brothers NCT‘s Doyoung and actor Gong Myung recently sat down for a cute interview with W Korea.

For those unfamiliar with this duo, Doyoung and Gong Myung are brothers, with Gong Myung being the older one. The two are certainly talented as Doyoung is a vocalist of NCT and Gong Myung is a successful actor!

During their interview, Doyoung and Gong Myung revealed what they’d like to learn from each other. The question also asked it to be something that made them envious of the other person.

With both of them being full of talent, one would think there would be a lot to be jealous about; however, that was not the case for Doyoung and Gong Myung.

Doyoung answered the question first and shared that he really didn’t have anything that he was jealous of toward his brother. Though Doyoung claimed there was nothing big to be envious of, he did comment on how great Gong Myung’s social skills are.

Q: Something you want to learn from the other? (This makes me a little jealous!)

I don’t think jealousy…There’s no need to be jealous. Gong Myung is really sociable. He’s good at taking care of people and he’s really good at being friendly. That, I envy a bit.

— Doyoung

Gong Myung revealed that he’d like to learn how to sing from Doyoung. Like the proud singer he is, Doyoung nodded in agreement at his older brother’s answer.

Something to learn? Singing? Singing? Oh, you’re nodding? (talking to Doyoung).

— Gong Myung

Check out the video below: