NCT 127’s Doyoung And Gugudan’s Sejeong Confess How Shy They Were After First Meeting

“I’m really sorry about this…”

In an airing for SBS‘s radio show Cultwo Show, NCT 127 appeared along with a familiar face: gugudan‘s Sejeong.

Although it caused a funny moment where Doyoung showed his one-of-a-kind manners towards her, there was another where they got honest about what happened after filming the music video for their duet.

Since it wasn’t the first time the two had met, one of the hosts asked for confirmation that they’d once collaborated together. Referring to “Star Blossom”, Doyoung and Sejeong both confirmed it. Thinking back on it, Doyoung lowered his head in embarrassment while Sejeong giggled.

It ended up reminding Doyoung of something he’d wanted to get off his chest. “I’m really sorry about this. Back then, we even shot the music video together.” Sejeong was just as interested as everyone else, turning around to see what he was preparing to say.

Even after pretending to be a couple for the music video filming, Doyoung’s shyness had gotten the best of him, “Because I was shy, we didn’t really greet each other after that.” He wasn’t the only one who’d felt that way.

With a bright smile, Sejeong shared the sentiment. She admitted, “I’m like that too… I’m really shy around new people.” She even had an example of her own about receiving the group’s album from Doyoung, explaining how she shyly responded.

Since both of the idols confessed how their shyness kept them from acting a bit more warmly when running into one another, they both sincerely apologized.

They proved that idols may look charismatic on stage but the complete opposite off stage.

Watch them show how shy idols can be here. Maybe they’ll become closer in the future. Everyone loves a pair of idol friends.