5 Moments That Prove NCT’s Doyoung Is The Biggest Fanboy Ever Of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

The new maknae of “Kyu-line”?

NCT‘s Doyoung has always been a huge fan of his sunbae, Kyuhyun from Super Junior. Perhaps it is as both are the main vocals of their group and possess great singing abilities. The Bunny King has, in recent months, been more vocal about his support for his idol, to fans’ amusement and delight. Here are 5 moments that prove Doyoung is probably the biggest supporter of the evil maknae.

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1. It all started back then…

In 2019, during a live stream, Doyoung did a short cover of one of Kyuhyun’s solo songs. Afterwhich, NCTzens asked for the two to collaborate on a piece together. Doyoung adorably told fans to manifest it by speaking!

These are such good words! Thank you! But you know, you should say these sort of things more often, get it? NCTzens need to say these more!

— Doyoung

2. His induction into the “Kyu-line”

It seems that Doyoung eventually got his wish! He was accepted into the “Kyu-line”, a line of idols close to Kyuhyun himself. Part of it is also TVXQ‘s Changmin. The three of them went out to eat hotpot together earlier this year, as in a photo uploaded by Changmin himself to Instagram. Fans were pleased that Doyoung was so loved by his seniors from both generations above him!

| @changmin88/Instagram

3. Promoting Kyuhyun’s songs every chance he gets

Doyoung always makes sure to communicate with fans via the Lysn application’s messaging function. He also often gives fans song recommendations. Of late, he has been telling fans to listen to Kyuhyun’s songs!

| @dojaez/Twitter

He posted a screenshot of Kyuhyun’s new solo release, “Dreaming”, telling fans to listen to it together.

| @dojaez/Twitter

4. A successful fan…

Doyoung’s efforts paid of perhaps, as Kyuhyun praised him during a chatting session with fans. Other than saying that the main vocalist of NCT was a kind person, he also said that Doyoung is someone he is thankful for!

| @doyoung_lluvia/Twitter

5. Covering his songs so often on live stream

Doyoung often creates mini concerts for fans via the use of live streams, where he would sing for over an hours to entertain fans. While he often sings pop songs, he also makes sure to sing his favorite tunes! He covered Kyuhyun’s solo song from an OST for Hospital Playlist, “Confession is Not Flashy”. This is not the first time he as sung a song by his beloved senior!

While Doyoung has already acknowledged himself as the maknae of “Kyu-line” in an interview with iHeart Radio, it seems that Kyuhyun as yet to accept him! According to fans, Kyuhyun has currently put Doyoung under a trial period for observation before his official induction into the group. With his dedication to Kyuhyun, it is only a matter of time!