NCT’s Doyoung Reaches Out To College-Bound NCTzens With An Insightful Message

“Without exception, you will learn from this experience.”

On November 14, 2019, South Korean students took their national college entrance examination. After the test was administered, NCT‘s Doyoung reached out to his test-taking fans via NCT 127’s fan club site on Lysn and left the most heartwarming message of consolation and encouragement.

This exam, also known as Korea’s most crucial and competitive suneung, determines the tiers of colleges to which students can apply. Thus, Korean students prepare for this single exam from the very beginning of their school lives and consider it a high-stake, once-in-a-lifetime deal that can make or break their futures.


Doyoung commented, while he himself has never taken the suneung exam, that he understood the grave importance of it and that he wanted to show support for those who pulled through the day.

My dearest NCTzens who took the test today, I wanted to tell you that you did good work. Although I’ve never taken the test myself, I’ve always wondered and worried about why it becomes so extra cold on the exam day. So well done, battling the coldness and pushing through the day.

— Doyoung


He continued, with the sweetest words of encouragement, to remind the test-takers that the experience of going through the examination will sooner or later serve as a valuable lesson in life — and that, in and of itself, is something NCTzens can take from the experience.

A student preparing to take the 2019 College Entrance Exam

No matter if you did or didn’t do that well, I know you tried your best. And without exception, you will learn from this experience. The time and effort you put into this day, regardless of the result, will become an invaluable memory in your life.

— Doyoung


Doyoung shared that he, as someone “existing at the same time” with NCTzens, wanted to make sure the fans knew he is there to support them, like they support him.

I know I’m not much older or wiser than you are. But I am living this moment alongside you. As someone who shares the present with you, I wanted to be of support and encouragement to you. So here I am, writing this for you.

— Doyoung


Finally, Doyoung playfully added, that while the content uploaded on the Lysn fan site is exclusive to the platform users only, he will allow NCTzens to share this particular message outside the application and with everyone that tried their luck with suneung that day.

PS. Sharing things outside Lysn is usually not allowed, but I want a lot of test-takers to see this message… so I’ll let you take this outside Lysn by the power vested in me!

— Doyoung


NCTzens, and other test-takers, have found Doyoung’s message to be heartwarming, as it focused on acknowledging all of their hard work and only that. His soft-spoken, but surely supportive words definitely comforted each and all the souls that poured everything out on the test day of their lives.

Source: THEQOO