NCT Doyoung’s Waist Is So Tiny That His Stylists Might Have A Tough Time

Pants never fit him!

NCT‘s Doyoung is known for his vocals and soft cheeks, but he also possesses an enthrallingly slim waistline. On the rare occasion that his abdomen is revealed, fans noticed that he was so slim, he has the coveted 11-abs!

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Anyone can tell that his waist is tiny.

HIs waist has been making more of an appearance recently with the trend in crop tops for male idols.

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Well, we’re not complaining!

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Fans discovered that his waist is so slim, he has to have his pants adjusted all the time. Not only that, it seems like belts do not fit him properly and often have to be shortened in the back. His stylists often have to pay more attention to him due to his trim figure.

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In a recent photoshoot, his pants had to be clipped in the back to fit his slim waist.

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Don’t let his slim waist fool you though. Doyoung also has wide shoulders and just the right amount of muscles on his arms.

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Maybe God does have his favorites after all!