NCT’s Doyoung Showcases His True Personality As He Mentors Jisung In NCT’s Cooking Competition

“Doyoung ran so fast when Jisung asked for his help.”

NCT‘s Doyoung has been receiving praise from NCTzens for the way in which he guided Jisung in the first episode of NCT‘s The Avatar Apprentice. The two of them competed as a team against Yuta and Taeyong in a great NCT cook-off.

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As two of NCT’s most accomplished cooks, Doyoung and Taeyong had to guide Jisung and Yuta (two of NCT’s…less experienced cooks) in the making of a recipe. As NCT’s resident master chef, Taeil served as judge while Jungwoo was the MC. From the beginning of the competition, Doyoung showed he was incredibly calm and patient, even when Jisung hilariously mistook an hourglass for salt.

He never rushed Jisung, but instead always made sure he was doing things safely.

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And he never failed to be encouraging! Jisung claimed that he had once considered getting a Korean cooking license, but felt discouraged about pursuing it. Doyoung did not let that fly! He steadily supported Jisung throughout the episode and gave him plenty of praise.

And when Jisung needed help, Doyoung adorably sped over to help him.

NCTzens can’t help praising Doyoung for his kind approach to helping Jisung through the cooking process. He was not only supportive…

…but flexible and trusting too. He trusted Jisung to make the decision of when to help him, and he also trusted him to do things his way.

Doyoung has always been known as one of the most caring members of NCT, and the way he guided Jisung in this competition only proves it!

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