Here Are The 4 NCT Members Who Could Judge A Cooking Competition — And 5 Who Wouldn’t Survive One

Now we need a great NCT cook-off!

Despite being a group with 23 members, NCT does not actually have an extensive ‘chef line.’ It seems like most of the members are decent cooks who know how to fend for themselves in the kitchen, but there are members who are particularly known for having great cooking skills—while others are famously known for their adorable lack of cooking skills.

Here are the 4 cooking pros in NCT who could judge a cooking competition, and 5 novices who probably wouldn’t survive one.


1. Could judge: Kun

The members of WayV have repeatedly said that they all deeply appreciate Kun’s cooking. He is the only member in the group who truly loves to cook, and he has demonstrated his considerable skills multiple times over the years.

| Mnet via neoseoul/YouTube 

2. Would get eliminated: Yuta

Yuta’s partnership with Shotaro in NCT World in 2020 allowed fans to witness Yuta hilariously washing an onion, as well as confessing that he hadn’t cooked anything in years. It’s safe to say he won’t be joining the NCT chef line any time soon!

| Mnet via neoseoul/YouTube

3. Could judge: Taeil

As one of the only two members with his own (hilarious) cooking show in NCT, Master Moon is one of the leading cooking authorities in the group.


In fact, fans would like nothing better than to see a cooking competition as part of the content in THE NCT SHOW in THE NCT UNIVERSE—with Master Moon as one of the presiding judges (along with Kun).

4. Would get eliminated: Jisung

Jisung’s appearances in NCT’s cooking content have always been gold. From wondering whether he needed dish soap to wash vegetables to his cooking struggles, Jisung seemingly still has a ways to go in the kitchen.


5. Could judge: Doyoung

The members of NCT 127 have mentioned before that Doyoung is the one who cooks for them the most, which is perhaps unsurprising. Doyoung enjoys cooking, and it’s also well-known that he always does thoughtful things to take care of his members!


6. Would get eliminated: YangYang

YangYang has been officially branded the worst cook in WayV, to the point where the members even banned him from the kitchen in their dorm. After seeing how he makes French toast, it’s a little easier to see why…

7. Could judge: Taeyong

Taeyong has shown off some serious cooking skills before. Even in the group’s earlier days, Taeyong was already a confident cook who helped out his other members during cooking shows.

| jouji toru/YouTube 

And his finished products always look impressive!

8. Would get eliminated: Winwin

In an episode of WINformation, Winwin was forced to admit that his cooking skills were basic at best when Hendery completely exposed his inability to cook an egg by himself. Winwin tried to argue that YangYang was the worst cook in the WayV dorm, but Hendery hilariously made him admit that he was lying.

| WayV/YouTube

Winwin eventually confessed that he was the worst cook— although at least he isn’t banned from the kitchen!

9. Would get eliminated: Mark

Mark has a long and complicated history with cooking. In fact, his fried eggs were even once called out by Gordon Ramsay himself! As a result, Mark’s personalized challenge in an episode of NCT World in 2020 was to successfully cook fried eggs for all 23 members (resulting in some hilarious reactions from the members). While there was a noticeable improvement from the eggs that Gordon Ramsay so hilariously dismissed a few years ago, Mark’s relationship with cooking might still not be enough to get him in NCT’s chef line.

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Honorary mention: Xiaojun

Xiaojun would probably not survive a cooking competition, but he is actually the only other member of NCT to have his own ‘cooking show,’ The Lonely Master Chef XIAO. So while he may not be on the level of Kun, Taeyong, Taeil, and Doyoung, Xiaojun has seemingly already been inducted into the chef line!

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