WayV Banned Yangyang From Their Kitchen, Here’s Why

“Not allowed to enter the kitchen.”

When WayV appeared on JOOX‘s Idol Station, they couldn’t discuss cooking without revealing why Yangyang isn’t allowed in their kitchen. Funnily enough, the reason hilariously matches up with another NCT member as well.

Yangyang | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

MC Alexander, also known as Xander, pointed out that he’s seen Yangyang’s cooking segments and asked if he was a good cook. While Yangyang thought so, the reality was much different.

Making Yangyang laugh, Kun said, “I haven’t seen him cook at all.” Keeping the roasting going, Xiaojun added, “Yangyang and cooking? These two words just don’t add up.

Although Yangyang cooks on shows, he admitted he wasn’t actually skilled at the task. Yangyang revealed that he’s not even allowed to go into their kitchen. The members had a valid reason for keeping him out, though.

It’s an illusion. I really can’t cook. [I’m] not allowed to enter the kitchen.

— Yangyang

As one of the members skilled at cooking, leader Kun explained, “He might set [things] on fire.” Yangyang nodded in agreement, knowing himself well.

Yangyang staying out of the kitchen is for all the members’ safety. At least he isn’t alone in cooking dangerously because Haechan started an actual fire in the SM Entertainment building when cooking. It looks like the youngest members like some excitement when they’re cooking.

Haechan and Yangyang. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Source: YouTube