NCT’s Doyoung Surprises Fans By Dropping In On A Fanmade Live Stream – Fans Wonder If He Has A Secret Twitter Account

Is there anyone else that lurks more online than him?

Doyoung Gayo Top 10 is a fanmade weekly chart show a creative NCTzen made as she missed hearing him sing live, something made difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic. The show is broadcasted on Sundays via the Doyoung Gayo Top 10 YouTube channel and has currently been running for two weeks. Voting is conducted amongst fans for the best songs Doyoung has ever sung, including cover songs.

Before the 12th July episode premiered, Doyoung had sent a message via the Lysn app’s Dear U. Bubble feature, telling fans that he was tuning in too, to the live stream. Doyoung adorably asked fans how to vote for the nominees even!

Doyoung attached a screenshot of the video with the message.

He even complimented the creator for the high quality of the videos, as she had even made CF spoofs using editing software.

Doyoung expressed surprise at seeing those edits, questioning when he had shot those CFs.

He chose the 13th ranked song as his favorite, “This Christmas” while critiquing himself for his performance with the 11th ranked song, “The Little Prince”.

The week’s first place song was his cover of “Time Spent Walking Through Memories” by Nell, which he had sung on Masked Singer.

He of course, made sure to thank fans for tuning in, as well as the creator of Doyoung Gayo Top 10 for their efforts, saying that he was really touched by it all!

The creator of the show was in disbelief herself, as she commented to thank him for singing for fans always!

Fans even wondered if he had a secret Twitter account, with his knowledge on what was going on in the fandom!

Doyoung is known for his immense love for fans, always writing the sweetest letters to them and telling NCTzens how grateful he is for their support! Perhaps now he will be a regular on fanmade content on social media! Catch the re-run of the episode below.

Source: 127bubble and NCT 127