NCT Doyoung And Taeyong’s MV Scenes Aren’t Filmed Like You’d Think

They’re a mess, and they don’t even try to hide it.

NCT 127 released a behind the scenes clip of filming for the English version of their music video “Highway To Heaven”.

And, making it had been just as carefree and lively as the final product.

When Taeyong and Doyoung were filming together, Doyoung moved his foot back only to bump into Taeyong. So, they got into a mini scuffle by elbowing each other.

Taeyong wouldn’t be bested, so he gave Doyoung a slap on the back. But, Doyoung had the last laugh. He made Taeyong retreat with a pretend kick.

Then, he declared himself the winner. He said, “Did you see I’ve won?” And, the statement even made Taeyong laugh.

Doyoung and Taeyong can easily switch from serious to playful in the blink of an eye, so sometimes what’s filmed isn’t how it really went down. See the chaos here.