NCT DREAM Reveals The 3 NCT Members Who Get Nervous Before Performances

Out of the 20+ members of NCT, here’s who gets a little anxious.

When NCT DREAM had to pick a member who gets nervous whenever they go on stage, they didn’t limit it to just their group but all of NCT.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

As soon as MTV Asia asked the group which member was most likely to be nervous before a performance, all of them thought it was an “easy question.” The seven members didn’t waste any time picking maknae Jisung.

Although Jisung tried to explain why he tended to be so nervous, he didn’t have to worry. He wasn’t the only NCT member who always battled their nerves before hitting the stage.

I do not want to be nervous. I just…I thought I was fine, but my heart suddenly started pounding.

— Jisung

Haechan swooped in and named the other NCT members who were known for being the most anxious before a performance.

He said, “Out of all NCT members that get the most nervous, [they] would be Jungwoo, Jisung, and Sungchan.” Haechan was so accurate the rest of them couldn’t help but laugh.

Since two of them are extremely chose and the three of them hang out together, it could be part of why they get along so well.

Jungwoo and Sungchan. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

See them pick the three NCT members who battle their nerves before a performance.


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