NCT DREAM Are Asked To Choose Their Favorite Group Memory, And Jeno Has The Most Wholesome Answer

NCTzens can totally relate!

Speaking with GQ, NCT DREAM opened up about their relationship with each other six years after debut, leading to one particularly wholesome revelation from Jeno.

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There seems to be no shortage of fond memories that the members have with each other. Seeing as they’ve spend six years together, GQ asked the members to name their favorite memories of the group. While Chenle and Haechan‘s favorite memories are of NCT DREAM’s concerts…

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…Jeno had something different in mind. For him, his favorite memory of NCT DREAM is something much closer to heart; it’s when Mark returned to the group as its seventh member! (Something that NCTzens can totally relate to.)

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NCT DREAM was originally supposed to function under a ‘graduation system’ wherein young members would start in NCT DREAM before moving on to other units within NCT. Mark was the first to ‘graduate.’ Yet, due to strong mixed feelings from fans and members alike…

…the group was eventually established as a permanent unit, and Mark was officially announced to return in 2020.

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Speaking with GQ, Jeno shared that being able to prepare their first full-length album Hot Sauce with Mark was an important memory for him.

It would probably be when Mark returned and we came back as seven members and were able to prepare our album together. That would probably be one of the biggest turning points for NCT DREAM.

— Jeno

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And he’s not alone in thinking that. Mark himself stated that his favorite memory is of getting back together to work on Hot Sauce as a group of seven.

Not only was it because we newly gathered back as 7 members, but the energy we had was just so strong and it felt like we had never been that closely connected before. I learned, not just then, but every time I’m with the guys, that teamwork is the core to our success, and I believe there’s so much more we can achieve because we’re together. We need each other equally. We are still working with that mentality and energy together even now and will continue to keep this going in the future.

— Mark

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And, of course, fans couldn’t agree more with the sentiment! Having the full team together has been proven to be a recipe for success, as Beatbox tops charts all over the world. Not only that, it is also proving to be a record-breaker for SM Entertainment!

While Mark and Haechan will continue to promote as members of NCT 127 as well, both fans and members can be reassured that they will remain a fundamental part of NCT DREAM forever!


Source: GQ