NCT DREAM’s Chenle Breaks Gender Norms By Wearing A Skirt, And Everyone’s Here For It

Stan “Princess” Chenle to wear whatever you want.

Out of NCT DREAM‘s Chenle‘s many stylish outfits, one has returned to the top of trending topics for breaking gender norms and his witty response to it.


For the group’s comeback with their title track “Hot Sauce”, Chenle wore a plaid skirt that was nicely paired with a black shirt and jacket.

Chenle later shared a photo of the full outfit, showing off his jeans that were ripped at the knees. Seeing the photo reminded fans of how much Chenle enjoyed the look and brought to mind the nickname that came with it. Since people around him called him princess because of the skirt, he was ready to embrace the name—and NCTzens were ready to join him.

| Weibo

They didn’t waste any time calling him “Princess Chenle.” Not only did fans adore that Chenle wasn’t afraid to wear the skirt, but they also loved how willing he was to take on the name Princess. Chenle proves that anyone can wear whatever they want because that’s what fashion is all about.