NCT DREAM’s Chenle And Haechan Almost Get A Little Too Close While Making A TikTok

“Oh my god.”

The members of NCT DREAM recently met up with enjoycouple to try out several fun TikTok challenges! During one challenge, things got pretty heated.

One of the TikTok challenges the members had to successfully pass was none other than the “Coincidance” dance challenge (aka the “Wow you can really dance” challenge).

The first team to take on the challenge was Jisung and Renjun! While the two were killing it, Chenle constantly expressed how he wanted to try out the challenge as well.

Luckily, Chenle got his turn at the TikTok challenge with Haechan. Though Chenle was dying to do the dance, it didn’t go as he thought it would.

At the start, Chenle and Haechan danced well and the challenge went on smoothly; however, the two’s lips got a little too close and almost had an adorable accident.

The member’s reactions were hilarious as they all scream. Mark explained, “Oh my god.

Check out the funny moment below:



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