Chenle And Jisung Pick The NCT DREAM Song They’d Want To Listen To For The Rest Of Their Lives

Do you agree with their choices?

As part of their promotions for their second album, Glitch Mode, NCT DREAM did an interview with the YouTube channel BuzzFeed Celeb, answering 30 questions with a three-minute time limit.

They answered questions about everything from their dream collab to their biggest fears.

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One of the questions BuzzFeed Celeb asked was, “if [they] could only listen to one NCT DREAM song for the rest of [their] life, which would it be?”

(Top, left to right) NCT DREAM’s Jisung, Chenle, Jeno, Haechan, (bottom, left to right) Renjun, Jaemin, and Mark | BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

Although they didn’t have long to think about their answers, given the time restraints, Chenle immediately offered that he would choose “Never Goodbye.”

Many fans would agree that “Never Goodbye” is a new but exceptionally meaningful song in NCT DREAM’s discography. Their recent performance of the song even took place on April 14th, the same day they were announced as a fixed unit in 2020.

The stage for the performance was stunning.

And the lyrics left fans incredibly emotional.

Jisung also didn’t hesitate in choosing an incredibly meaningful song, selecting “Fireflies” as the song he would listen to.

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

Jisung explained that he chose it “Because it’s a song that’s full of hope, and it gives off this vibe [he] really [likes].”

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

And, truly, “Fireflies” is a song that encourages NCT DREAM fans through hard times.

You can listen to “Never Goodbye” here.

You can listen to “Fireflies” here.