The Unexpected Artist NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Would Like To Collaborate With

It’s definitely not impossible!

NCT DREAM sat down with BuzzFeed recently to answer some important questions such as, “Who are you most afraid of?” and “Who is your favorite actor?” Jaemin also revealed who his dream collaboration would be with, and his unexpected answer was too wholesome!

The members were all noticeably intrigued when they received the question, and Jaemin quickly got to thinking.

| BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube 

It’s not an easy question, and Renjun admitted as much while Mark encouraged Jaemin to think faster.

After a moment of consideration, Jaemin gave his final answer: Mark!

He mentioned Mark’s song “Child,” which is the track with which Mark made his solo debut in February of 2022. And honestly, he’s right! Mark absolutely nailed it on his solo debut, and a collaboration between him and Jaemin would be truly be something to look forward to. And luckily, it’s not impossible!

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Thanks to NCT LAB, a new project launched by SM Entertainment in January, the members of NCT will be able to release their own work. NCT LAB will function much like SM Entertainment’s SM Station, which often features collaborations between different artists within the company. This will allow NCT’s members to not only release their own solo projects, but to collaborate with each other in exciting new unit combinations as well.

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Mark was the first member to kick off NCT LAB with the release of “Child,” and since then Shotaro has released a performance video for “coNEXTion (Age Of Light),” a unit track sung by Mark, Doyoung, and Haechan. Seeing as Jaemin is one of the members whose work is most anticipated, a collaboration between him and Mark would definitely be a welcome project.

If you’d like to see the full clip from BuzzFeed you can do so on the link below.