NCT’s Chenle Shuts Down Accusations Of Lip-Syncing In The Classiest Way

NCT Dream was so good that people thought they were lip-syncing.

K-Pop idols frequently get into controversy when the public doubts their live singing. Although it is reasonable for a pre-recorded version to be played during live performances, especially one with hard choreography, many still see lip-syncing as taboo. This has led to multiple artists inevitably having to prove that their microphones were indeed on.

NCT Dream recently took the stage at K-CON LA 2022, and they totally slayed.

Seems like they slayed a little too hard, for accusations of lip-syncing began to pour in. As the audience was left wondering if the boys had sang live or not, and haters geared up their Tweets, Chenle quickly put a stop to all rumors. He took to Dear. U Bubble to explain that their microphones were indeed on. But it was his following sentence that cemented his classy yet savage status.

Chenle’s Bubble message. | @131jwnanach/Twitter

I heard someone say our mics weren’t on thank you for the compliment hahaha the mics were all on okay hahaha.

— Chenle

He managed to turn the situation around and accept the accusations as a compliment instead. And rightfully so! Chenle totally slayed that night with his vocals and high notes. His mic was definitely on.