NCT DREAM’s Chenle Has Been Main Dancer Material Since Childhood — And The Proof Is Too Cute

Child main dancer Chenle was something else.

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle is known as one of the group’s powerhouse vocalists, but the truth is his dancing skills have also been main dancer material since day one—and there is proof. Though it may be too cute to handle!

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

In the past, fans have called for Chenle’s talent as a dancer to be more widely recognized. After all, Chenle’s dancing is full of dynamism and expression.

Even when he was injured prior to the beginning of NCT DREAM’s “Glitch Mode” promotions, Chenle insisted on being involved in as much of the choreography as possible. And despite his injury, Chenle still made his movements seem smooth and flowing.


Chenle is an innate performer whose energy is palpable whenever he’s onstage. Despite not training for long before debut, his dancing is on another level—and he only keeps getting better!

But nothing proves his natural talent as a dancer better than an adorable childhood video of his that was uploaded by his old music teacher to Weibo.

Despite his young age in the video, Chenle kept up effortlessly with the music and the choreography, and he never missed a beat! Yet, the possibly the best thing about this video is how much he seems to be enjoying the dance. He looks equal parts smiling and concentrated, making it easy to see how he ended up debuting in one of the biggest K-Pop acts in the industry!

Much like Haechan, whom fans also believe deserves main dancer status, Chenle’s dancing genius deserves a shoutout!