NCT DREAM’s Chenle Has Everyone Loving His Treat For Their Translator

Though they tease their translator, they love her just as much as fans do.

During NCT DREAM‘s gaming live broadcasts, the members and viewers aren’t the only ones having fun. Though the group loves to tease their translator, Chenle has fans loving how well he treats them.

Chenle | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Through a post their translator shared on Weibo, they proved how much the group looks after her behind the scenes.

Since the translator does their best to nail all the members’ words—all the way down to imitating their tone—Chenle treated her to a reward perfect for all she does.

To soothe their translator’s voice and give her a sweet treat, Chenle treated her to some well-deserved bubble tea. The translator shared the photo and captioned it, “Thank you, Chenle, for the milk tea.

She even added a comment that left NCTzens laughing, “Jeno‘s hair is a bit handsome today.

| Weibo

While fans loved the translator’s soft spot for Jeno and his black hair, many praised her for not only doing her job well but being just as funny as the boys.

It’s a friendship that NCTzens are loving, from their funny shenanigans to how kindly they treat each other. Fans can’t wait to see them back in action for the next season.

Jeno and Chenle. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter


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