NCT Dream’s Chenle Tried To Derail Renjun’s Radio Show, But He Wasn’t Having It

Renjun stopped him in his tracks.

On the most recent airing of NCT Dream‘s Renjun‘s daily radio show Akdong Seoul, or Yuedong Seoul, a special guest made an appearance.


Since Renjun speaks in Chinese for most of the airings, there was no one more perfect for the role than fellow Chinese member Chenle, who he could talk more comfortably with. That wasn’t quite what the playful Chenle had in mind, though.

While Renjun focused on making his live announcements, speaking them clearly through the microphone, he instantly noticed something was off. He’d heard a noise that broke his train of thought.

Out of all the ways Chenle could distract Renjun, he chose the simple but most efficient one. In a room that’s typically quiet, he’d dropped a pen. The microphones amplified the sound, causing Renjun to shout, “Hey, hey, hey. Focus.”

Chenle laughed at his reaction. Seeing him so amused, Renjun found himself laughing along with him. After the moment of playfulness, Renjun smoothly got right back into his announcements, like the professional he is.

Chenle’s pranks may work any other time. When Renjun is entirely into his radio personality mode, all bets are off. With the limited time he has per airing, he knows how to balance the fun with the serious.


Watch how Chenle’s funny attempt successfully derailed Renjun’s thoughts, at least for a moment.