NCT DREAM’s Complicated Family Tree Is Getting Hilariously Out Of Control

“We need a drama about their family history.”

NCT DREAM‘s family tree is seemingly expanding, and it’s getting more and more hilariously complicated each time. In the past, Chenle used to always joke that he is Mark‘s father. But now, the new NCT DREAM family tree has gone further—it now includes marriages, grandparents, and even Jaemin as a pet!

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In an interview with Sohu Korea, NCT DREAM elaborated on the state of their family tree,” revealing the members’ ‘relationships’ to each other. According to Haechan, Mark is, of course, Chenle’s son. Renjun is also Mark’s son, and, apparently, Jaemin is Renjun’s pet rabbit. The members all found this amusing, but Jeno couldn’t help incredulously pointing out that Renjun being Mark’s son would make Chenle Renjun’s grandfather.


Renjun joked that, actually, all the members were Chenle’s children, which Chenle was hilariously happy with. But then Mark claimed that Jeno is his mother…making Jeno Renjun’s grandmother (and therefore Chenle’s wife). Still in disbelief, Jeno jokingly asked Chenle, “Did we get married?” To which Chenle replied, “Did we give birth to Mark?”

But despite the hilariously questionable roles, NCT DREAM were not done! Mark continued to expand the family tree, claiming that Jisung is his sister…while Haechan is none other than Jisung’s husband! As soon as Jisung and Haechan’s relationship was announced, both Jeno and Haechan hilariously burst out singing the classic Temptation Of Wife OST that Renjun so often loves to sing.

As Mark says, this is definitely a complicated family tree. Yet, NCT DREAM shows no signs of giving up on the long-running gag. If anything, they’re digging in even more enthusiastically! This family tree is certainly enough to make for one entertaining, if confusing, YouTube drama.

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To sum it all up, NCT DREAM are now one big happy family, with Chenle and Jeno at the head of it as the grandfather and grandmother. We can’t wait to see what developments the members come up with next!

You can read further about Chenle and Mark’s ‘father and son’ relationship on the link below.

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If you’re interested, you can watch the full clip right here.