NCT DREAM Didn’t Mention Haechan In Their Winning Speech & Jisung Explained Everything On V LIVE

We know Haechan would’ve been there if he could.

On August 7, NCT DREAM won their first 1st place trophy for “BOOM” on THE SHOW, and some NCTzens pointed out that the members didn’t mention Haechan during their acceptance speech.

  • “did Dream mention Haechan here anywhere ?? Or did I just miss it?”

After DREAM’s performance, Haechan had to be whisked away via plane to join NCT 127 in Los Angeles for the Capitol Congress event in which SM Entertainment‘s new “Avengers” group SuperM was unveiled, so he wasn’t there when DREAM accepted their award.


In a V LIVE broadcast done immediately after they left the music show, NCT DREAM cleared up why Haechan wasn’t mentioned: they forgot. Haechan actually told Chenle and Jaemin exactly what he wanted them to say on his behalf, but it never happened.

Jisung, however, said that rather than forgetting, he didn’t mention Haechan on purpose to get under his skin. (if that’s not a younger brother thing to do, we don’t know what is!)

The nerves and anxiousness of getting their first win while trying to remember their own speeches most likely got the best of the Dreamies, so we’re sure Haechan understands. NCT DREAM & NCTzens will surely be working hard to get another 1st win so that Haechan can give his own speech!