NCT Dream’s First Reality Show In 3 Years … And Here’s 5 Moments That Prove Why They’d Be Great At It

I’m already rolling on the floor laughing.

NCT Dream is slated to make a reality show comeback with “NCT LIFE : Dream in Wonderland“, their first show after three years. Previously, they had appeared on “NCT LIFE – Variety Training Camp” in 2017, now available here for those who missed it.

With the first episode to be launched on the 6th of July 2020 at 6pm KST, the “NCT LIFE” series is often based on traveling while completing missions, and the “Dream in Wonderland” edition is projected to be similar. The five members, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung and Chenle, will be leaving the city for the beautiful countryside, enjoying the freedom and beauty of nature, while of course, participating in thrilling activities, showing off their bubbly and playful sides. From the poster that features only the five members, it seems that members Haechan and Mark will not be participating in the show, perhaps due to busy schedules.

Newsen reports, through unpredictable missions and even mukbang, you will be able to see many different sides of them exclusively through the show, including special roommate chemistry. As it is their first reality in 3 years, the show caters to the things the members have wanted to do, customizing the format to the members. The show also promises to be both mysterious and exciting, as the travel plans continuously surprise the members while they remain full of energy and keep up the high tension.

NCT Dream in Wonderland” will air every Monday and Tuesday at 6pm KST on the KT Seezn app, free for whomever is contracted under KT Telecom. In Thailand, it will be aired under trueID simultaneously. The first teaser for the show is slated to air on the 23rd of June, through the Seezn app, while the second teaser will be released on the 30th.

Given that the Dreamies constantly exude chaotic energy, we think that they would be perfect for their own variety show! Here are 5 moments where they were absolutely hilarious.

1. When they told the story of eating sausages off the floor.

On a live broadcast maknae Jisung did with his NCT hyungs, Ten and Taeyong, Taeyong was showing off his exceptional cooking skills to the fans, including a shrimp and beef bowl, kimchi stew and pork ribs.

Jisung then related a story of how Jaemin made them a late night snack the previous day, vienna sausages.   

Ten claimed he came out and saw the pan and sausages on the floor and proceeded to dig in regardless.  

2. When cooking is always a mess.

Jaemin, ever the mom, was explaining to Jisung how to wash rice cakes under running water.

 Jisung then gave up trying to understand and passed the job on to Jeno who happened to stroll over to ask what he could do to help.

While everyone was busy figuring out what to do, Chenle simply walks by leisurely and wonders why everyone is working, like the boss that he is.

3. When Mark started cutting up fruit with a scissors and sent everyone into panic.

The amount of panic a single photo can deliver.

4. When Haechan and Jeno almost kissed on broadcast.

During a live broadcast session after hours, the boys were communicating with fans about their upcoming plans. While Jeno habitually was sniffing his members again, Haechan turned at that moment, resulting in a second of panic before Jeno yeeted the other way.

5. When they suddenly discussed waxing on V Live.

The Dreamies live streams are always chaotic – such as when they suddenly moved onto the topic of how waxing works. Chenle, being the ever curious kid, asked about how one uses a waxstrip, which Jeno very kindly explained to him.

With this amount of chaotic energy, “NCT LIFE : Dream in Wonderland” is sure to be absolutely variety gold.

Source: Newsen