NCT DREAM Almost Threw Hands At Haechan Over Friendship Bracelets, Here’s Why

“I got cursed at a lot.”

Though NCT DREAM loves their friendship rings, it wasn’t the first item they wanted to get to celebrate their connection as a group. Through the show Turkids on the Block, Haechan revealed his failed attempt to get friendship bracelets that made the members want to throw hands.

Haechan | Melon

When host Lee Yong Jin asked the group who suggested getting matching jewelry, Haechan spoke up. He admitted, “Actually, I was responsible for ordering some bracelets with engravings.

Unfortunately, getting their hands on the specialty jewelry didn’t turn out as well as they expected. Despite all the effort Haechan put into getting the details right, he revealed, “But they were fake.

Jeno confirmed how low quality they were, “When we got them, it smelled metallic.” Although they laughed about it now, they hadn’t felt that way originally.

Mark confessed, “We swore at him.” Haechan immediately confirmed how disappointed they’d been, “I got cursed at a lot.

Even though the members had choice words for Haechan and nearly wanted to throw hands, it taught them a valuable lesson and led to the real friendship rings they have now.

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Watch them laugh about Haechan’s honest mistake that helped them get the Cartier rings they have now.