NCT DREAM Thought They Found A Way To Stop Losing Their Friendship Rings—Until Jeno

Mark didn’t have a clue that Jeno lost his 😂

Half of NCT DREAM appeared on Lee Yong Jin‘s Turkids on the Block and shared how they got their friendship rings. Along the way, Jeno shocked them by revealing that he managed to lose his.

Jeno wearing the friendship ring on his index finger. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When Lee Yong Jin saw their rings, he pointed out how luxurious they looked. He wondered out loud, “Some members might have asked to buy something less expensive.” It turned out to be the opposite.

Instead of the members buying cheap rings they’d easily lose, they came up with something better. Jeno explained, “We decided to get something we’d regret losing.Haechan finished, “So as not to lose them.

Lee Yong Jin noticed Haechan and Jeno weren’t wearing their rings and both of them had similar responses. Haechan said, “I’m afraid of losing it,” while Jeno admitted, “I lost it.Mark was shocked while everyone, including the staff, burst into laughter.

Jeno and Haechan even high-fived over their tendency to lose them. Since their friendship rings are worth over $1,000 USD each, Mark couldn’t believe it. He asked Jeno, “Really? For good? You lost it for good?

When they tried to find out how Jeno lost his expensive friendship ring, he was just as clueless as them. Jeno said, “At a certain point, it was already gone.

Even though the members thought they had a fool-proof plan for not losing their rings, leave it to Jeno and Haechan to throw a hilarious wrench into their plans. At least they weren’t the only ones who were a bit forgetful.